What’s happened to VLOBLIVE?….Still here!

January 4, 2007

In case you are wondering why things have gone a bit quiet here recently, I should mention that due to a new arrival in the family VLOBLIVE activities have taken a lower priority for the moment.

I hope to resume posting soon.



Converting Quicktime video files into WMV for PC playback

August 10, 2006

If you create video content on a Mac, but you need it to be played back on a PC at a live event, you may run into the situation where you are using a PC app that doesn’t play back .mov files (yes, it happens – especially if the app is built on the windows media player framework….like most PC song projection apps are!)

Here are a few options…

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Creating ‘fly-by’ videos with Google Earth – UPDATED

July 25, 2006

Here’s a rough and ready guide to recording ‘fly-by’ videos using the popular Google Earth application. This can be great as an introduction video for someone visiting an event from elsewhere around the world or as a backdrop to a phone interview etc. I have found it is much more engaging than a simple map slide.

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Playing back interlaced video on computers

July 24, 2006

If you are playing back video clips directly to a projector from a PC or Mac, and the clips are interlaced video, then you have probably seen the ‘jaggies’ effect where fast moving edges take on a comb effect, due to the two fields of the video capturing the motion at slightly different times. Here’s some suggestions for how to get rid of that distracting effect.

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Tips for sending & receiving BIG media files electronically

July 21, 2006

With the size of media clips, graphics files and even powerpoint files growing larger all the time, transferring these files electronically is becoming more of a headache.

Here’s some suggestions for reducing the headache for you and your VLOBLIVE clients…

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Capturing stills from 1080i HDV

July 20, 2006

Here’s a quick tip on exporting still images from an HDV video sequence. There are various occasions where this might prove useful. The one I came across recently was needing stills to add to the cover of a DVD of an event. The HDV format makes this slightly less than intuitive, so read on for a quick guide. 

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How to go ‘widescreen’ with 4:3 gear

July 19, 2006

With the increasing popularity of widescreen TVs and DVDs, it’s hard to find an LCD or DLP projector now that doesn’t have a ‘widescreen’ or 16:9 aspect ratio mode.

Coupled with this is the increasing number of cameras and camcorders that are either true 16:9 (HDV) or have a widescreen mode, and the idea of ‘going wide’ can seem quite attractive.
So how can you get best use of these features for a VLOBLIVE gig?

Read on to find out…

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