PC based video file player software – two options

February 7, 2006

One of my quests is to find inexpensive software that works well for playing playlists of video files directly from a PC or Mac. Here’s another contender: AV Player HD from Neuromixer

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Free Software to play SWF files in Powerpoint

January 26, 2006

If you ever have the need to play Flash animation files (SWF) inside a Powerpoint presentation, then there’s a hard way and an easy way. Here’s the easy way – SWF Point Player from GlobFX . Read more to see how it solved our problem…

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Software to help set up projectors

January 31, 2005

Here is a link to a handy utility for setting upyour projectors or displays
http://www.showsage.com/utilities.html It’s free, but they want your name and email address.

Seems a reasonable trade to me.

Available for Mac and PC in different resolutions. That’s it.