Watch out for cheap analog pro video mixers!

January 12, 2006

You have maybe seen cheap pro analog video mixers for sale on ebay or elsewhere for knock-down prices.
Just be careful that you know what your are bidding for/buying…

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DVD perils to avoid

May 21, 2004

The advent of DVD burners on many PCs and Macs used for video editing means that more and more video clips used in live events are being provided on DVD. It is a convenient, reasonable quality format with random access for clip selection and a menu system to allow multiple clips to be put on one DVD disk.

There are, however a few gotchas that can trip up the unwary. Here are some that we have encountered.

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The things you wish you’d remembered before it was too late

October 26, 2003
I now make it a rule to write a ‘things still to do’
list as I go through the setup of a show. I didn’t always…

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Handheld camera work – just say no!

September 9, 2003
Hey, look at us! We have cameramen wandering around
the stage, just like at Glastonbury!!

Not impressed. …

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The curse of the wide shot

September 8, 2003
Wide shots are for TV. They have no place in true

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faulty gear – avoid the recurring nightmare

September 6, 2003
Finding a faulty cable or connector or input etc. is
very annoying. Forgetting about it and having to find it over and over again is
even more annoying. Some tips for preventing this…

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Doubling up projectors – but how to control them?

September 2, 2003
I thought I was being clever doubling up our Hitachi
CPX995s for extra brightness, till I tried to use the remote…

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