This site contains my personal views, ideas, tips, tricks and rants about doing live video, IMAG or graphics at live events on a very low budget. They are published as I get time, in a style closely approximating a weblog.

My name is Dave Chalmers and I live in Edinburgh in Scotland, UK. My background is in Electronics, but for 10 years I have been helping to put on live video at events in central Scotland in my spare time. Through the course of these events, nearly all on very constrained budgets, I have learned a few things about what works and what doesn’t. While I would not claim to be able to give you all the answers, I can at least help you avoid some of the mistakes.

Except where otherwise stated, all content on this site is either my own views and opinions, or is collated from my own experience or research. Feel free to use the ideas, but please do not rip off the content without permission. No liability is accepted for it all going horribly wrong if you follow any of this advice!


This site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.


3 Responses to About VLOBLIVE

  1. Hey Dave. I’ve just started a podcast on my own. Check it out on my blog and let me know your thoughts.



  2. Hi Dave – thanks for putting so much good info on the blog. I’m trying to track down some local support (Aberdeen) to help me make some recordings of a series my church is running – are you in contact with anybody up here?

  3. Hey dave, why not include a list of Acronyms for Newbies? Definitions of “IMAG”, “VLOBLIVE”, etc…. Might get you more hits to your site through search engines, too!

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