Welcome to the new-look VLOBLIVE!

Hi, If you are a regular reader, and you have got this far, you will have noticed that not only has VLOBLIVE moved it has a whole new look as well.

You should bookmark http://www.vloblive.info for the site and re-subscribe to the RSS feed as https://vloblive.wordpress.com/feed/ .

Read on for more details…

For various reasons I have decided to move VLOBLIVE off my dotmac server and on to wordpress.com. The primary motivation was that I was having problems with my blogging software corrupting the site data, and needed to move to something else very quickly. I found an app that let me export all my posts over to a WordPress import format and that let me get back online very quickly on WordPress.com.

The main domain name will remain the same – http://www.vloblive.info but this now redirects to the wordpress blog.

If you have an old bookmark back to my dotmac site, you might want to update it.

Also I haven’t found a way to redirect the RSS feed, so if you are subscribed to the RSS feed for VLOBLIVE you need to remove the old subscription and add the new one which is    https://vloblive.wordpress.com/feed/ 

Anyway, hope you like the new look. I took the opportunity to change things around a bit.  All the old content has been moved over and some new stuff added. This new system will let me make more updates as I can post from any web browser, and also lets me add other static pages like the ‘FAQs’ page and the ‘Gear List’ page.

Have a look around and please leave a comment if you like it (or anything you DON’T like!!)




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