PC based video file player software – two options

One of my quests is to find inexpensive software that works well for playing playlists of video files directly from a PC or Mac. Here’s another contender: AV Player HD from Neuromixer

In these days of fast laptops, HD resolutions and better than XGA projector resolutions, it seems a bit 19th century to still be plodding on with NTSC and PAL and tape decks and DVDs etc. etc.So…how to do reliable, cue-able, controllable video playback from a PC ormac?

Here’s one option for PCs:

AV Player HD from Neuromixer – price is low and it claims to be able to play back HD res files and of course supports dual-monitor control – controls on one monitor and fullscreen playback on the other.

Unfortunately I can’t test it on my laptop as the integrated Intel graphics aren’t up to it,but worth a look if you are PC based and looking to do hi res video playback directly to a projector.

Another option for Macs is the ProVideoPlayer from Renewed Vision

This has some nice features and can play back HD files across multiple machines on a network which is very cool. It’s not cheap at $499.


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