Free Software to play SWF files in Powerpoint

If you ever have the need to play Flash animation files (SWF) inside a Powerpoint presentation, then there’s a hard way and an easy way. Here’s the easy way – SWF Point Player from GlobFX . Read more to see how it solved our problem…

I recently had a situation where a client had developed a looping Flash animation of slides for their pre-show graphics and also for an advert. The problem was figuring out how to play this from the PC we were using for other graphics tasks like song words and Powerpoint files.
I thought about converting it to DVD, but that would have lost quality. Then we played with using a web browser fullscreen, but that was too hard to cue.
Eventually, after a quick web search I found two ways to do it. One involved adding a custom action and editing some fields to call the right SWF file etc. It worked but was VERYcumbersome.
The other involved downloading the free plug-in for Powerpoint called Swiff Point Player from GlobFX .
This installs a new menu item in the INSERT menu in Powerpoint to insert a FLASH MOVIE. You can then resize the movie as you need and it will play when you first show the slide. Effectively Powerpoint becomes a ‘playlist manager’ for SWF files. Cool.
It’s a very neat solution to cue-ing up simple SWF movies, especially if they are being shown in sequence
with other normal powerpointslides.



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