Split Quicktime Movies over multiple screens on a Mac

Another useful Mac app here- this one is called MaxiFrame and it lets you play a QT movie across multiple monitors or projectors from a (fast) Mac.
READ MORE for how this could be used for VLOBLIVE gigs, and how it could be improved.

Regular readers (if there are any) will know that I am a bit obsessed with doing multi-screen widescreen video/graphics on the cheap. It is just something that is ONLY the reserve of the big gigs at the moment and it would be great to find a lower cost solution that would allow the same superwidescreen effect for VLOBLIVE gigs.here’s on possible step in the right direction.
could be genuine competitor to multi-screen playback systems that cost many thousands of dollars. (like Dataton Watchout for example) It’s ability to split a quicktime movie over multiple monitors, or in this case projectors enables the
use of two relatively low cost XGA projectors to display high resolution HDV widescreen material on a large scale to really get the benefit of the extra resolution available in this new and upcoming video format.

If you think about it a normal standard XGA 4:3 projector is 1024 x 768 pixels. If you put two of them side by side that’s 2048 x 768, which is a little bit TOO widescreen for HDV which is 1800×1080, but with some cropping you could really get the use of those extra pixels.

Of course you would have a join down the middle, but hey – that’s scope for some creativity in filming!!

There are, however, some additional enhancements that would make this product even more compelling for
this kind of use:

1. Playlist support:
I was surprised to find that you can’t use MaxiFrame to display playlists of video clips as you can their other product cinematics. Clearly if you are using this product live, the ability to step through a preset playlist of clips is pretty much essential. You have all the bits already – you just need to join them up.

2. Edge blending – if you added an adjustable opacity control and image overlap function, then that would allow you to blend the images coming from two projectors on one screen, with a small overlapping section with blended edges that are seamless to the viewer. This would allow one HUGE screen to be illuminated by two or more projectors
without any obvious joins. The high end products do this already.

3. remote control – some way to remotely trigger the playback of clips and the advancement through the playlist would be great. This could be as simple as extensive keyboard shortcuts (which you might have already), a floating controller window (that sits on a 3rd monitor) or even a network client that lets you trigger things via another Mac using ethernet or a wireless network like this product.

It will be interesting to see if this product heads in this direction.


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