Remotely control and sync powerpoint or keynote presentation on a Mac

Here’s an interesting little program that lets you control or sync multiple keynote or powerpoint presentations over a network on a Mac:

READ MORE for some discussion on how this might be useful in a VLOBLIVE gig…

You have all seen, I am sure, those high end video systems split over multiple screens all in sync. Very impressive. A lot of them use products like Dataton Watchout which is very nice and very expensive.Here is a low cost alternative that gives you SOME of the functionality just by using multiple macs running powerpoint or keynote.

It’s called KeyShowX and only costs $10!

So you need one Mac per projector or plasma, and one more mac or PC (yes you can control it from a PC as well) to
drive it all.

Control is pretty simple – you can only step forward on ALL the presentations at the same time, but withthe use of blank screens, or background screens you could get an interesting multiscreen animation effect going with this. Would be a bit fiddly to prepare but the resulting effect could be very interesting and eye-catching.

It’s not hard to imagine a bunch of mac mini’s each driving a plasma screen or projector, producing an synchronised presentation that could be very effective. Would be great for a foyer presentation or a self-running show during an exhibition etc. Have fun.


4 Responses to Remotely control and sync powerpoint or keynote presentation on a Mac

  1. Steve says:

    I am wondering if you might have any other suggestions how to do this since KeyShowx appears to no longer be available & Dataton is a bit pricy.

  2. drc says:

    Hi Steve – I think you can get hold of KeyshowX but I agree it doesn’t seem to be in active development.

    The only alternative I’ve come across recently is ProVideoPlayer by Renewed Vision

    It’s for video files not Keynote presentations but does a similar job. The other option is to go with a hardware solution like the matrox dualhead2go.

  3. drc says:

    One more option is YgoBox and open source solution for multi-screen displays using Quartz composer on a Mac.

    Not tried it myself, but worth a look.


  4. KeyShowX says:

    Hi all,

    After long break KeyShowX development is actually ongoing and new version should appear in the nearest future. It would be possible to jump to the specific slide, control individually slideshows on remote Macs (not only all at once), use remotely QuickTime Player in fullscreen mode, dynamically superimpose text over running video in QuickTime Player or images in slideshows.

    Also there is going to be little scripting application where you can put KeyShowX commands into timed sequence.


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