buying a non-laptop PC for VLOBLIVE use

August 21, 2005

Laptops are great for use at a portable VLOBLIVE gig.

If, however you are looking to make a more permanent installation, or you are using the PC as the video scaler (See this entry for details) then you are pretty much stuck with a ‘desktop’ PC (there are very few, if any analogue video capture cards that work in a PC Card slot in a laptop). Here are some tips for configuring a portable media PC for VLOBLIVE use…

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Why write about gigs in the Gig Blog category?

August 18, 2005

Unless you REALLY aren’t paying attention, I imagine that you usually come away from a VLOBLIVE gig thinking something along the lines “Well that was good, but next time I will remember to ….”

The purpose of the Gig Blog is to record some of those thoughts about what happened at gigs that I have done – what went well, what went badly, what could be improved for next time.

introspective, but it should help me remember and if it helps anyone else in the process then that’s a bonus.

Gig Blog: Shooting a wedding service…in widescreen!

August 18, 2005

This is the post-gig analysis on a 3 camera shoot of a wedding service that we filmed recently. What did we learn Mainly…that we still have stuff to learn! but also widescreen is great, but needs some thinking through. Read more for the details…

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