The VLOBLIVE toolbox – what to pack for a video gig?

What items would I always take in my toolbox to a VLOBLIVE gig? Read on to find out.

Based on my experience, here is a bunch of stuff that I would always try to pack in my toolbox when doing a VLOBLIVE gig: In no particular order…

  • white pvc tape – to mark inputs on mixer and monitors etc.
  • black pvc tape – to tape cables together.
  • permanent marker – sharpie or similar
  • contrast setup powerpoint file on USB memory flashdrive thingy.
  • Allen keys – useful for projector brackets etc.
  • A selection of video plug adapters including at LEAST an Svideo to BNC jumps, BNC-phono adapters, VGA Male-to-female adapters, SVideo joiners, LOADS of BNC joiners, phono joiners etc.
  • spare laptop – yes really! doesn’t have to be up to much but must be able to load and display a powerpoint presentation.
  • test tapes – just SOMETHING recorded onto whatever tape format you are using for playback.
  • test DVD – can be anything, but one with test charts etc. would be ideal.
  • blank tapes to record the show.
  • cableties – indispensible. Big and wee ones please.
  • adjustable spanner
  • soldering iron
  • solder
  • wire cutters
  • TV remote (if you are using TVs as monitors)
  • BNC crimper – optional, but very nice to have.
  • Spare BNC crimp connectors
  • spare headphones – to let you monitor recording audio etc.
  • Notebook and pen – to write lists of things to do
  • 30m tape measure – to measure screen drops, cable lengths etc.
  • head-mounted torch – for peering in the back of dark rack cases.
  • Every known type of battery – or at LEAST lots of AAA, AA and PP3s
  • USB cable – you never know!
  • Gaffer tape (of course)

2 Responses to The VLOBLIVE toolbox – what to pack for a video gig?

  1. Anthony Eden says:

    Must be a pretty big toolbox! By the way, what is the point of having solder and a soldering iron if there is no spare cable on your list???

  2. drc says:

    Hi = yeah right, it can get a bit crowded. Though most of this stuff is quite small.
    Re spare cable – yes that’s a good point, although most of the time the soldering is for repairing existing connections rather than making new ones. That’s the value of drawing out your system beforehand – you are a lot less likely to be missing that vital cable.

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