Camera positions: where to put the FOH camera?

Most IMAG gigs need at least one camera out in the audience to capture the front on shot of the artists looking at the camera and therefore making eye contact with the audience. But where to put it..

The classic places to put cameras out in the audience are – at the FOH position, beside the sound mixer. This is usually raised up so gives a good view, but is often quite far back in the hall, which presents a problem for normal cameras (excluding pro cams with huge zoom lenses)

– at the front of the balcony if there is one.
This is often closer than FOH but can present all sorts of safety issues if you have to block prime seats etc.

– on a platform to one side of the hall. This is often the best compromise in a very large hall. Of course you don’t get the proper front on shot that everyone wants, but with a bit of coaching you can encourage the artists on stage to look at the camera and therefore be effectively looking at the audience on the big screens.


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