What do I do if my camera postions turn out to be unusable?

You set up a camera position and discover that once you see the positions of people and things on stage, your main shots are being blocked. What do you do?

Well, your choices are

· Live with it – in some cases you may have to, for example during a performance there is often not much option to move a camera position.

Move the camera – if this is easy to do, it is the least disruptive to what is happening on stage. Performers or speakers may be quite picky about where they stand in relation to each other, so it is best to avoid moving them if possible.

Move the performer or equipment. In some cases this might be quite simple – moving an amplifier one foot to the left or right, moving a microphone stand etc. However be very careful of situations where you are moving a person around onstage. Make sure they are happy with it, that the lighting guy is happy with it, and that the audio guy is happy with it, and that everyone else onstage is happy with it.

Generally, if you just say to the performer “can you stand a bit further forward’ they will likely forget. Better to move their mic stand to force them to move forward, or put a small cross of white tape on the floor and ask them to make sure they are standing on this. They may still forget, but when they remember mid performance they have something concrete to aim for.


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