Hey, you’re encouraging low standards in live video!

I guess on one reading of this site I could be accused of encouraging the ‘cheap and cheerful’ brigade to say “it’s OK to do live video on the cheap, and to fob off the general public with sub-standard implementations of inadequate systems”. But that would be missing the point…

The point of this site is in fact the complete opposite of this accusation. People ARE doing live video gigs with cheap, budget gear and are making a mess of it. What this site tries to do is to show them ways that they can apply the same production values of the ‘big’ gigs, even when they don’t have the same budget.

  • So just because you don’t have money, doesn’t mean you should let your standards drop.
  • Get the best signal chain you can, rather than assuming it will be rubbish, and then achieving that.
  • Do all the preparation just as if you were doing it for a huge audience on a big budget
  • Get the best out of the gear you have, rather than pining for gear you will never have.
  • These are the approaches I am trying to encourage others to adopt.

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