formatting song words for use with IMAG

If you know in advance that you are planning to
overlay words on IMAG live video, then you can help yourself out by formatting
the words in a sensible way. …

In most situations it is not necessary to fill the
entire screen with words, when projecting song

Most people do, but it is just
lazyness, and lack of thought. To have live video running behind a full screen
of words is very distracting in almost every case. If, however you put the words
onto more pages so each page has less words then you have some scope to move
them around a bit and let the IMAG and the words complement each other very

This is best illustrated
with some examples:

Here is an example
of what NOT to do, if possible:

Putting Paul Oakley right behind the words
doesn’t do him any favours and makes it very

Or this

It’s a very nice guitar, but is totally
hidden, and any movement by the guitarist will make it hard to read the

So instead, how

Here the words and the singer have their own
space on the screen

(Strictly speaking this
is poor framing for the video, as the singer has no ‘looking space’, but it is
acceptable in this context)

Or this is
OK too:

Words on top, video on bottom – that’s

Or, if you want to get

You can find little gaps in the words to fit
people into.

Or best of all, make sure
your words leave plenty of space in the first

Your camera operators will need to be
awake if you are trying this, and may have to gently adjust their shots once

It also helps if the vision mixer
can see a preview of the next screen of words, so they can tell the camops how
to line up their shots.


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