If you are a VJ, you are welcome to look around. A
lot of the info here is very relevant. Some of the aesthetics are a bit

There are a lot of similarities between the live
video work that we do, and what VJs do. We are both usually struggling with very
low budgets, we are often working with second hand or lash-up gear, we often
struggle to get good content, we often have to make do with sub-standard
projectors and poor screens, and above all have to substitute creativity for
hard cash.

If you take VJ-ing, in its
normal meaning (playing live generated or mixed computer graphics and abstract
video to dancers in a club or a rave or a festival) it is a subset of VLOBLIVE,
but I am trying to extend VLOBLIVE to include all other forms of live video and
live graphics on a low budget. This means that VLOBLIVE must include other
aesthetics as well as the graphic-heavy, effect-over-quality vibe that VJs tend
to favour.

For your info, I have
attempted a couple of VJ gigs myself, using Aestesis 98 , Arkaos VJ and some home brew video
loops. It wasn’t very successful, as the unsuspecting audience were more bemused
than entranced, although the dancing man in Aestesis 98 got some good

So, if you are a VJ-er, you
are very welcome – have a look around, and let’s learn from each


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