The history of VLOBLIVE

Am I the only person trying to do live video on no
money? I doubt it. So when I couldn’t find a website that really got into detail
about live video at this level, I decided to do something about it.

OK, here’s why I am doing this. I have ended up
doing lots of live video events, and learning stuff as I go along. I am not a
trained camera operator or director or producer or anything. I am an electronic
engineer who designs digital camera chips for a living, but all my live video
experience is as a result of my hobby and my ministry as a Christian. I started
doing some filming and editing for some youth events at my church , which nearly
always got played back to a live audience. This expanded to include some live
video, graphics and song words, and it was always a real struggle to get
everything set up. Eventually as I learned stuff, it became clear that there was
a gap in the market for affordable live video for churches and charities, for
their live events, and a providential partnership with Room 3 , a local Christian
not-for-profit AV hire company meant that before I knew it I was designing,
setting up and running live video gigs for 1500 people with 6 cameras and major
production values in some of the biggest live venues in Edinburgh. All in my
‘spare’ time!!

One thing always
remained the same – there was never enough money, never enough help, and never
enough time. Faced with that, we could either give up and moan that no-one
understood how expensive/hard/time consuming doing live video was, or you could
get creative and try to work out ways to get around these limitations.

So, this is my way of trying to share
some of that hard-earned knowledge. I couldn’t find any good websites about
doing live video graphics and IMAG on the cheap (unless you were a VJ, but
that’s another story), so I made one.

site is low on style but hopefully high on content.

The plan is to keep updating the site with
snippets or thoughts as time goes on and things happen or occur to me, much in
the style of a weblog.

I hope you learn
something. I still am.


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