Overlayed text or song words

Overlaying words to a song etc. over the top of live
video is a very common requirement.

You can
use a feature of the downstream key on a Panasonic MX50 video mixer to make
overlayed words more legible.

The MX50 video mixer is a common choice for VLOBLIVE
video as it is the least expensive ‘proper’ video mixer that doesn’t need
additional timebase converters.

It has a nice
feature on the downstream key function that is not immediately

There is a button marked EDGE which
applies an edge effect to the overlayed graphic BUT here is the trick: there are
several edge effects – you have to keep pressing the button to cycle round them.
You will find one that adds a black border to your

Here is an example of words overlayed on
video with the black edge:

You can see how the words stand out BOTH on
a dark bit of the video AND on a lighter bit.


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