Need giant graphics AND detailed video…divide and conquer

If you are envious of the groovy picture in picture
modes used by big corporate boys to have a huge graphic backdrop with an
inserted live video then think laterally and achieve a similar effect…sort

There’s something really striking about a HUGE image
projected across a big screen or a whole

It is do-able, assuming the lighting
can be controlled, with budget projectors, but what if you want this AND you
need nice bright IMAG video as well. What to

Easy – use two

Use one (your brightest
one) for the background graphic spread over the whole wall, or whatever, leaving
a black area on the graphic where you want the IMAG video, then set up another
projector to project onto the black area in the graphic, i.e. overproject one
image onto the other.

I did this with a
big graphic of a computer and put the IMAG on the screen of the computer –
worked well, but not when the lights were turned on!! Also I had two 4500 lumens
projectors to play with, which really

You can only really get off
with giant video images in very low light conditions and with powerful


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