Doubling up projectors – but how to control them?

I thought I was being clever doubling up our Hitachi
CPX995s for extra brightness, till I tried to use the remote…

It is common practice with proper projectors to
stack them for extra brightness. You can often see two, three or even more
projectors stacked up all optically aligned with clever offset adjustment lenses
to project onto the same screen.

Well I
thought I would try the same trick with our CPX995s – place them together on the
lighting truss and use their fabby horizontal keystone correction to get them
aligned on the same screen. A great plan until I started trying to adjust them
with the remote. Of course the remote control was received by both projectors,
so they both adjusted at the same time. As I tried to keystone one to match the
other, both of them adjusted

The solution, of course is to
whack an RS232 cable into one of them and adjust it from a laptop using the
Hitachi software (and tape over the remote IR input windows??), but at the time
the two projectors were 20 ft up in the air and I didn’t have any wings, so I
had to abandon that plan.


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